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Patient Satisfaction Ratings

About Temple Health Patient Satisfaction Ratings

At Temple Health*, we are committed to holding ourselves to the highest standards of patient satisfaction. 

Sharing our patient satisfaction ratings and comments is one of our efforts to provide patients the information they need to make important healthcare decisions.

To achieve this goal, we have partnered with Press Ganey, an industry leader in healthcare patient satisfaction for more than 30 years, to display the ratings and reviews of our providers.

After appointments with a provider, our patients are randomly invited to complete a survey to provide feedback about their care and experience. Unlike other provider rating websites, the use of Press Ganey survey results ensures that all ratings and comments are from patients who have been treated by one of our providers. 

Why Don’t All Providers Have Ratings and Comments?

To ensure the accuracy of our patient satisfaction scores, we require that a provider has a minimum of 30 completed surveys. This helps to improve the accuracy and reliability of the displayed results. Star ratings and comments on this website are collected on a rolling basis from the previous 15 months.

* Temple Health refers to the health, education and research activities carried out by the affiliates of Temple University Health System (TUHS) and by the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University. TUHS neither provides nor controls the provision of health care. All health care is provided by its member organizations or independent health care providers affiliated with TUHS member organizations. Each TUHS member organization is owned and operated pursuant to its governing documents.