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Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH)

What Is a Patient-Centered Medical Home?

Many Temple Faculty Physicians and Temple Physicians, Inc. practices follow the "patient-centered medical home" (PCMH) model of delivering health care. In short, PCMH practices are responsible for all of their patients’ healthcare needs, including preventive care, and for coordinating with specialists when necessary.

At the heart of a PCMH practice is the patient's ongoing relationship with a personal Temple physician. This physician provides comprehensive care that is both culturally and linguistically appropriate, and arranges care with other providers if needed. The physician works with patients and the care team to coordinate all health services in a high quality, cost-effective and accessible manner.

The PCMH model fosters new levels of collaboration between primary care physicians and specialists to ensure integrated, patient-centered care. A PCMH practice also facilitates teamwork between patients, their personal physician, their healthcare team, and, when appropriate, the patient's family.

What A Patient-Centered Medical Home Practice Means For You

As a PCMH, your Temple physicians practice offers an array of innovative benefits. These include:

  • Enhanced access to routine and urgent team-based care

  • Comprehensive health assessments

  • Care management through detailed plans and treatment goals

  • Information about community health resources

  • Assistance with self-care plans

  • Coordinated care among specialists and other facilities

  • Continuously updated quality measures and performance improvement processes

Our goal is to improve the patient experience, develop better chronic care management programs, enhance patient engagement, and improve patient outreach. This allows us to:

  • Keep your health records in one location

  • Provide ongoing care for your health problems

  • Offer wellness exams and preventive care

  • Help you make healthy changes

If you would like more information on how your specific healthcare needs, including behavioral health needs, can be met please contact your Temple Faculty Physicians and Temple Physicians, Inc. primary care office.