Temple University Hospital – Jeanes Campus

Billing and Insurance at Jeanes Campus

At Temple University Hospital – Jeanes Campus, we know that dealing with complex health insurance forms and multi-page hospital bills can be confusing. Our goal is to make our billing and insurance information as easy to understand as possible.

Important Information

Insurance Pre-Approval

Most insurance plans require pre-approval for medical procedures and hospitalization. Prior to your admission to TUH – Jeanes Campus, your physician must contact your insurance company to explain your medical condition and outline the proposed treatment and care plan.

Your insurance carrier will then review this information and determine whether to approve and pay for the services recommended by your physician. Please note that pre-approval does not guarantee payment. Services not paid by insurance will be your responsibility.

In emergency situations, TUH – Jeanes Campus is permitted to treat you and admit you (if necessary) without prior approval. However, any additional care you may need as part of your recovery will be subject to insurance company approval.

Insurance Policies During Your Stay

Most insurance companies require the hospital and/or physician to provide daily/continuous updates of your treatment and progress in order to determine whether or not they will pay for your continued care, and what level of care is appropriate (such as inpatient or observation). These levels may have different out-of-pocket liabilities; for example, deductibles and copays. 

If your insurance company determines that you no longer need to be treated in the hospital, payment to the hospital and/or your doctor will be denied. Recommendations on where your treatment should continue can include a nursing home, at home with visiting nurses or through regular visits to your doctor. In some cases, insurance company representatives will discuss their decisions with your doctor and other times they will not.

Because insurance companies now play an increasingly larger role in your medical care decisions, it may be helpful to discuss your needs and desires with your carrier as well as with your physician. Please be assured that at TUH – Jeanes Campus, our goal is to deliver quality healthcare to all of our patients by providing the treatment and care your physician recommends.

Accepted Insurance Plans

TUH – Jeanes Campus accepts most area insurance plans. View a list of the most common insurance plans we accept. Please call 215-728-3383 if you are unsure if your insurance plan allows you to come here.

Financial Responsibility

When you are admitted to TUH – Jeanes Campus, you will sign papers accepting financial responsibility for hospitalization and authorizing us to bill your insurance company. To avoid billing errors, it is important that you provide complete and accurate insurance information. If you do not have insurance or your insurance doesn't cover the services provided, you will be billed directly.

For elective, scheduled care you will be expected to pay any out-of-pocket liability prior to or at the time of your admission/service. Often you will be contacted in advance to remind you of your expected payment. However, this amount is always determined by your insurance company, so it is important to understand your benefits and coverage. Payments can be made in advance of your service over the phone. If paying in person, we accept cash, personal check and credit card (Mastercard or VISA).

If you will have difficulty paying any portion of your hospital bill, read more about Financial Assistance or speak directly with a Financial Counselor by calling 215-728-3383.

Due to federal laws and contractual arrangements, the hospital is not permitted to waive charges, deductibles or copayments, as this is considered discriminatory.

Understanding Your Bill

Your stay at TUH – Jeanes Campus will generate separate bills from various service providers, including a hospital bill and a physician bill.

Your hospital bill includes charges for the use of hospital facilities, supplies, equipment and technical personnel. Your physician bill includes fees for such services as diagnosis, treatment, supervision of the care provided, and the doctor's role in performing, analyzing or interpreting your test results.

Additional services like anesthesiology, diagnostic studies (EEG, EKG, stress test), lab studies (blood test) and radiology (X-rays, MRI) will also be included on your physician bill. Although technicians take many of these tests, your results must be interpreted by a specialist – usually a private physician – who charges a consulting fee to make a report to your doctor.

If you are admitted through the ER, you will receive a bill for professional services through the Emergency Department's physicians group. If other services like X-rays and lab studies are required in the ER, you will be billed for these as well.

You may also receive separate bills from your family doctor, the admitting physician or from any other professional medical consultants you see during your stay.

Billing Questions

If you have any questions or concerns about your hospital bill, please call 877-711-7520.

Financial Hardships Due to COVID-19?

Temple Health understands the financial burden COVID-19 has placed on our community. We are here to support our patients during these unprecedented times.

We are offering a zero dollar ($0.00) patient responsibility for the COVID-19 screening tests.

If you have trouble paying your hospital bills or have questions regarding billing for COVID-19 testing, please contact:

  • Customer Service: 877-711-7520
  • Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Our staff is available to discuss all payment and financial options available.